Another good idea…

Another good idea…

Masai JUMP-suit

I returned from Tanzania several years ago with a piece of cloth and the intention to create something personal as a reminder of the simplistic but transcendent beauty for which I admire the Masai most; both in terms of their aesthetic and their way of life. And what became was one one-of-a-kind-one-piece; a luxuriously comfortable, incredibly versatile, fluid-in fabric and otherwise, warrior inspired jumpsuit. 

While I never intended to make this piece available for purchase, the decision was ultimately made in an effort to help my Masai friends raise money for their initiative to preserve their land and way of life.

If you are curious to learn more about the initiative, my connection to the Masai, or the adventure I embarked on for this fabric, visit a little something I wrote in Stories.

*This is a limited edition piece and 25% of the sale price of each jumpsuit will be sent directly to the Masai Education Fund