primary colours


Shakalulu's limited edition Primary Colours collection debuted on the runway at Paris & Cape Town Fashion weeks as a stylistic tribute to South Africa, the designer's home, teacher, and inspiration for the past ten years. 

Each individual statement piece of this range is handmade from traditional seshoeshoe (shweshwe), a beautifully dyed cotton cloth of contemporary popularity and traditional use so deeply embedded in Southern African culture that it gives new meaning to the expression ‘fabric of society’.  The triangular geometric pattern of this unique print, known as Mountain Peaks was selected both for its symmetrical beauty and symbolically as a grand gesture to the Mother City (Cape Town) and its semblance to her World Wonder (Table Mountain), inviting all to wander. 

The chosen primary palette range of Blue, Red, and Yellowfocuses on the simplicity for which all other infinite colour creations and combinations are indebted. However it also highlights the designer’s inspiration beyond the visual aesthetic, intending to speak to how people -much like colours, as individual and infinite as they come, are entirely constructed by that of the most basic and universal elements.